21 Cool + Unique DIY Headboard Ideas

I could have added 75 DIY headboard ideas to this list, but I don’t want to waste your time scrolling through projects that aren’t that great, just to boost the number in the title. I wanted only THE BEST headboard DIYs on the internet. So I scoured Pinterest, every cool DIY site I know, and went through every headboard roundup I could find and picked ONLY the very best / cutest / coolest options to share. Hope you like ’em as much as I do.

More sleep, less Monday! I’m easing back into the week hoping that all of us can just go back to dreamland for a few more hours, with a roundup of my favorite DIY headboard ideas. If you can’t get a nap in, at least you can get your bedroom looking mighty fine, right?

Here are 21 DIY headboard ideas that will convince you that you might need to start a new DIY project…

1. Go bold on the shape.

My absolute favorite headboard I’ve ever made is this DIY king headboard that has a round shape (image above). I love the shape so much in fact that I recently reupholstered it with new fabric so I could keep the look, with an update to the color.

2. Wait…Marble?

Wood AND marble in a headboard? Yep! And it looks so good. 

Visit Emily Henderson for the tutorial.

3. Go all the way…across!

Love that this headboard DIY doesn’t stop at the edge of the bed frame. It goes all the way across the wall length of the wall. Love the color of the fabric too. So calming!

Grab the tutorial on Coorie Renovations.

4. Source from a local art supply store.

You may remember this headboard DIY from my office guest room ideas post, where I shared the room I designed for a show house just outside of Atlanta, GA. The design-challenge was creating an inviting space that served as both a home office and a guest bedroom. 

I made the headboard out of a large wood panel I found from art supply store for $60. Not a bad price for a minimal modern looking headboard, right?

Just hang it like you would a piece of artwork, with a few nails in the wall and maybe some extra security with some command hooks to keep it in place. Easy as can be!

5. Head in the clouds.

An old headboard gets a cute and ‘cloudy’ transformation in just a few hours. 

Get the tutorial on Hunker.

6. Slipcover it.

It’s a DIY slipcover for your headboard, which means you can quickly switch it out for a different one anytime. This is so smart! Check out the full tutorial on Domino.

7. A hotel inspired headboard that’s renter-friendly.

Stunning! This headboard DIY on Emily Henderson looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. I love the hotel vibes if giving off too. But the best part of this project is that its renter-friendly.


8. Va-va-velvet.

A velvety DIY headboard that again, does not look a DIY at all. In the best way possible. But I promise it is.

The full tutorial for this one is on Domino. And it was created by Hommeboys.

9. Keep it classic.

If you’re looking for a simple / classic headboard style, the DIY headboard I made for my guest bedroom is your best bet. 

10. Down with dowels.

Can hardly believe this dowel headboard is even a DIY! It’s beautifully made (from The Merrythought).

11. ‘Channel’ your inner DIYer.

I did a double-take on this DIY channel tufted headboard from Emily Henderson (created by Brady Tolbert). Such a statement piece! And the color is beautiful!

9 DIY Headboard Ideas That are Too Good Not to Try

12. Think outside the box and use something unexpected.

These woven placemats and runners get a new life with a textural DIY headboard idea from Sarah Sherman Samuel.

Total Headcase: 9 DIY Headboard Ideas That Will Make you Forget It's Monday

13. Buy a gallon of paint.

The easiest headboard ideas I’ve ever made is this one above. I painted the wall directly in a dark green color, so it didn’t take up any physical space and can be quickly changed to fit any changing style. 

It would be a cool way to incorporate color into a kids room as well. Letting your kiddo pick the color they want, and then when their fave color inevitably changes, a new headboard is just a quart of paint away. 

Total Headcase: 9 DIY Headboard Ideas

14. Strap up a pillow.

This leather-strapped pillow headboard from Julies Kreahule is modern and minimal. You could use a long lumbar pillow, like the one from my DIY lumbar pillow, if you need a custom size.

Total Headcase: 9 DIY Headboard Ideas That Will Make you Forget It's Monday

15. Go geometric.

I’ve been eyeing this DIY geometric wood headboard from I Spy DIY for a while now. It looks so good, you can’t even tell it was DIYed.

16. Keep it linear.

A little bit modern and a little bit minimal. This wood slat headboard DIY is simple, but impactful. 

Head over to Mountainside Home for the tutorial.

Total Headcase: 9 DIY Headboard Ideas

17. Go glam with some gold.

And last but not least, a faux (and fabulous) brass headboard from Sugar & Cloth. I love that’s it’s actually reflective too. Great for bouncing light back into a space, etc.

Total Headcase: 9 DIY Headboard Ideas

18. Try a monochromatic look.

This monochrome loveliness includes a (very clever) Ikea hack headboard from Stylizimo (by stylist Pella Hedeby / photography Ragnar Ómarsson for Ikea Hemma).

Total Headcase: 9 DIY Headboard Ideas

19. ‘Stick’ with wood.

Have you ever use stikwood before? That’s what this DIY headboard from Sugar & Cloth is made of.

20. Make it moody.

A moody and monochrome built in headboard idea from Remodelista (created by Maiju Saw) is making me want to break out the paintbrush asap. 

9 DIY Headboard Ideas That Will Make you Forget It's Monday

21. Use a piece of plywood.

I love how these art pieces carry from the wall onto the DIY plywood headboard idea in the photo above (from Ikea).

Which of these DIY headboard ideas is your favorite? Let me know your picks! Idk if I could choose just one.

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