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When it came to the stone selection for their kitchen, Mark and Lyn had already “fallen in love” with the red dolomite that they had seen in the EDIT display at Cosh Living. They particularly liked its connection with Australia and the land. The stone they loved was sourced from the Pilbara region in the remote northwest of Western Australia, this region is thought to be nearly 3.6 billion years old, and unique in the world. Here the forces of nature, heat and pressure have taken two billion years to form this unique natural stone, found nowhere else on earth, known as Pilbara Dolomitic Marble.

Within close proximity, four distinctly coloured dolomites have been created, two of which were used in the project; the Red Dolomite used in the Liquor Niche, and White Dolomite on the Island and Perimeter splashback.  The connection to land, and acknowledgement of Indigenous land rights through title and rights, only makes the stone more precious.

 “It was immediately obvious to us that we had our benchtop! The colours were just so evocative of the Australian landscape which we love”.

The colours featured in the Dolomite became somewhat of an inspiration source and muse for the project palette. With shades of cream and varying tones of brown and grey, featuring throughout the home, complimented by the rich tones of the timber. The restrained colour palette brings a relaxed and luxurious ambiance, and a harmony to the overall design.

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