Monogram Appliances Reviewed: Smart, Dependable Luxury

Monogram appliances should be at the top of your list if you’re planning a high-end kitchen. Hey, if it’s good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow, you know it’s good, right? The GE brand recently made the actress/entrepreneur an ambassador to promote its luxury design appeal and wellness features.

We agree with GP that Monogram has a lot to offer. As GE’s premium product line, it’s grown increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to its aesthetically pleasing features and top-of-the-line functionality. We think of it as an attractive and more accessible alternative to brands like Wolf and Thermador—and you should, too. We also like that it’s backed by GE’s excellent nationwide service network.

Monogram offers six product categories, so you can fully equip your kitchen with a Monogram range or cooktop, wall oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, undercounter appliances, and specialty appliances (including unique ones like its built-in hearth oven and rotisserie). We’re going to give you an overview of each, with our expert take on their best features and a few shortcomings you’ll want to note.

Keep reading for our hands-on take on everything Monogram has to offer, plus our expert insights on what sets it apart from other pro-style brands.

Appliance Matchmaker: Monogram

People often say they “fall in love” with a statement range or refrigerator. We get it: Kitchens are where our lives happen, and the decisions you have to make about how to equip yours are emotional ones. We’ve helped over 300,000 customers build their dream kitchen, and we’re here to help you understand which brands align best with your wants and needs, from budget to design details. Let’s take a look at Monogram as a potential match.

You’ll Love Monogram If…

  • You want a pro-style kitchen at a competitive price point
  • Practical, popular, real-world features and functionality, like air-frying, matter to you as much as luxury details do
  • You want your entire kitchen package to match, including any undercounter appliances like an ice maker or beverage center
  • You’re interested in a panel-ready refrigerator or dishwasher
  • You’re intrigued by the idea of a glass-door refrigerator
  • You want a look that’s different from your neighbors’ kitchens
  • You’re interested in unique appliances, like Monogram’s brick-oven-style hearth oven or rotisserie

Monogram Might Not be Right for You If…

  • Resale value is your number-one priority; brands like Wolf and Thermador may have more cachet in some potential buyers’ eyes
  • You want appliances in a color or a matte finish (Monogram offers only stainless steel, with panel ready option for fridges and dishwashers)
  • You want something old-world, with big chunky knobs, heritage details, and few screens. Monogram appliances look a bit sleeker and are packed with modern conveniences like LCD touch screens, LED backlighting, and WiFi you may not need or want.

How Much Do Monogram Appliances Cost?

Monogram appliances are designed to bring high-end polish to a premium kitchen. Here’s a breakdown of the Monogram series price points—they run about 10 to 15 percent higher than Cafe appliances, Monogram’s trendy little sister brand in the GE family.

If you’re considering purchasing multiple matching appliances, keep in mind that Monogram runs seasonal promotions and special packages all year.

Monogram Appliance Price
Refrigerators $4,500 to $12,500
Dishwashers $1,500 to $2,400
Ranges $5,600 to 15,000
Microwaves $750 to 4,100
Wall Ovens $3,400 to $8,999
Ventilation Hoods $819 to $3,700

Note: GE doesn’t make laundry appliances under the Monogram brand name—or as part of the Profile or Café lines. Instead, the company consolidated them under the GE washer brand.

Monogram Design Styles: Statement, Minimalist & Designer

Monogram appliances belong to one of two distinct collections: Statement or Minimalist. They have the same functionality and technology inside, but their exterior design is quite different.

Monogram Minimalist Collection Appliances

Love the contemporary look? You can go ahead and narrow down your search to Monogram’s Minimalist collection. These stainless steel appliances install fully flush and look totally seamless in your kitchen.

Instead of chunky knobs and handles, they have either a clean-lined handle or handle-less push-to-open doors and touch screens.

On the wall ovens and even the refrigerators, you can get a sleek, full-width black glass front.

Pro Tip: You’ll want to look at Monogram cooktops instead of ranges for all of your appliances to match perfectly.


Monogram Statement Collection Appliances

These pieces combine traditional and modern design elements in a way that we think looks beautiful in pretty much any style kitchen. You just have to like mixed metals: Stainless steel with brass accents is the statement that Monogram’s Statement collection is making.

You’ll also notice that these appliances have chunky, pro-style handles and knobs for a commercial, restaurant-style feel.

Similar to the Minimalist collection, they still have wide glass viewing windows and touch screens, so they’re not totally traditional in the old-fashioned way.


Monogram Designer Collection Appliances

Monogram debuted these pieces, designed by its creative director, Richard Anuszkiewicz, in 2023. They’re available only by custom order, and come in two colorways: brass (including a fully brass refrigerator and range hood) and titanium. At 96 inches tall, the Designer Collection refrigerator is taller than a standard 84-inch built-in fridge, to create a sense of height. Another luxurious touch is the handle on the range, which is wrapped end-to-end in leather.

Monogram Ranges and Stoves

A Monogram range is likely to be the first thing guests in your kitchen–it’s a showstopper. They’re available in three sizes: 30, 36, or 48 inches. You’ll have your choice among six models.

One choice you’ll need to make is between gas or dual fuel. The latter, which combines a gas cooktop with an electric oven, is popular because electric ovens can offer more consistent cooking temperatures. Dual fuel ranges tend to be slightly more expensive.

Monogram stoves also come in several cooktop configurations, which can include a griddle, grill, burners, or a combination of the three elements.

Pro Tip: Interested in induction? Monogram doesn’t make an induction range, but it does offer an induction cooktop you can pair with a wall oven.

Monogram Range Configurations

Series Main Features
Monogram Professional Ranges 30-, 36-, or 48-inch width. Griddle available on 36- and 48-inch models; second oven on 48-inch models; grill and/or griddle available on 48-inch dual fuel model. Starting at $5,600
All Gas Ranges Starting at $5,600

  • 30 Inch: Gas cooktop with one 21,000 BTU multi-ring brass burner and three dual-stack brass burners; gas convection oven.
  • 36 Inch: Gas cooktop with either two 23,000 BTU multi-ring brass burners and four dual-stack brass burners or two 23,000 BTU multi-ring brass burners, two dual-stack burners, and a griddle; gas convection oven.
  • 48 Inch: Gas cooktop with two 23,000 BTU multi-ring brass burners, four dual-stack brass burners, and a griddle; gas convection oven
Dual Fuel Ranges Starting at $6,800

  • 30 Inch: Gas cooktop with one 21,000 BTU multi-ring brass burner and three dual-stack burners; electric convection oven with no-preheat air-frying mode, self-clean, and steam clean.
  • 36 Inch: Gas cooktop with either one 21,000 multi-ring brass burner, one 23,000 BTU multi-ring brass burner, and four brass dual-stack burners or one 21,000 BTU multi-ring brass burner, one 23,000 BTU multi-ring brass burner, two brass dual-stack burners, and a griddle; electric convection oven with no-preheat air-frying mode, self-clean, and steam clean.
  • 48 Inch: Gas cooktop with either two 23,000 BTU multi-ring brass burners, six brass dual-stack burners, and a griddle or one 21,000 BTU multi-ring brass burner, one 23,000 BTU multi-ring brass burner, two brass dual-stack burners, a grill, and a griddle; two electric ovens with no-preheat air-frying mode, self-clean, and steam clean; true European reverse-air convection


GE has reimagined the Monogram line recently, giving the ranges (and the line’s other appliances) a more streamlined design, tasteful brass accents, and coordinating handles. The latest iterations are the most luxurious yet.

Monogram Range Special Features

You’ll also find a few unexpected but useful surprises in Monogram ranges. Grill grates can be flipped to create a wok ring. Burner dials are backlit, emitting a red warning light when left on.


Monogram calls its 21,000 BTU burner the TrueTemp burner. This one, like the burners and heating elements on its cooktops, is specially designed to work with Hestan cookware and the Hestan Cue app. It’s a guided recipe program with an extra-cool feature: It syncs your pan to the burner, so your food cooks perfectly with no effort at all from you.

You also get air fryer capability that’s built right in. It’s a feature of all GE ovens, and GE has perfected the convection oven technology that gets food ultra-crisp.

No need to clutter your countertop or haul out an air fryer for every use. Best of all, the in-oven air fryer offers plenty of room for cooking (5.7 cubic feet in the 30-inch model), thanks to an upgraded convection system. That means much bigger air fryer capacity–and much bigger batches of snacks.

Monogram Rangetops and Cooktops

There’s a lot to love about a Monogram rangetop or cooktop. They have the same great features as its ranges but give you more flexibility in how you lay out your kitchen.

Monogram gas rangetops are part of its Professional series; they have the same brass detailing, including chunky, front-facing knobs, as its ranges.

Monogram cooktops fit more seamlessly into the top of your counter and can be fueled by gas, induction, or electric.

Want to learn more about cooktops vs rangetops? Basically, these are cooking surfaces with burners or heating elements without an oven underneath; you’d coordinate them with a separate wall oven or stack of ovens. Learn the differences and similarities in our detailed buying guide.

Monogram Professional Gas Rangetops

From $4,400 to $5,400
Commercial-style rangetops with all the trimmings of Monogram’s ranges come in a 36-inch width with six burners or four burners and a griddle, and a 48-inch width with six burners and a griddle.



Monogram Gas Cooktops

From $2,400 to $2,700
If you prefer a less commercial and beefy look, you may want to choose Monogram’s 30-inch or 36-inch gas cooktop. Both of these spacious sizes offer five burners with continuous grates, making it easy to move heavy pots and pans between flames, as well as high-end brass detailing. The 36-inch size is available with or without brass-accented burners, and a griddle attachment is available to fit over the two left-hand burners of all sizes.


Monogram Induction Cooktops

From $2,800 to $3,500
Nothing heats faster than an induction cooktop, and Monogram’s is available in a 30-inch size with four elements or a 36-inch size with five elements, in black or patterned silver glass. They can be flush mounted to be completely flat with your kitchen countertop. They also boast a lot of versatility. You can “bridge” (aka combine) two burners for a larger-sized pan, so that the area in between heats up. The burners also expand to heat larger pots or pans. For safety, it has a pan presence sensor (it’ll shut off when it doesn’t sense a pan) and hot surface indicator.

One thing we really love: Monogram’s induction cooktop does away with the buzzing sound some other induction cooktops make.




Monogram Electric Cooktops

From $2,000 to $2,200
Monogram’s five-burner electric cooktops, available in 30- and 36-inch widths, also fit neatly into your countertop to keep your kitchen looking sleek. They feature many of the same handy features you’ll find on the brand’s induction models, including a keep-warm area, a hot surface indicator light, and a melt feature, although they’re less efficient and responsive to temperature changes.

If your budget allows, we recommend induction over electric cooktop any day.


Unique Features

Hestan Cue: GE brands, including Monogram, work with Hestan’s temperature-sensing smart cookware to automate cooking for you. Monogram cooktops (including on its ranges) can connect to the Hestan Cue app, which features guided video recipes that automatically adjust the pan temperature as you cook.

WiFi: All Monogram appliances are WiFi-enabled, giving you access to settings, features, troubleshooting, and even downloadable extras via an app or smart assistant’s voice controls.


Monogram Ovens

Monogram makes a wide selection of ovens in both its Statement and Minimalist collections. If you have an older 27-inch wall oven, you can slot a new 27-inch oven right into its niche without needing to make any major changes to your kitchen cabinets.

Monogram Smart Five in One Wall Ovens

Available in 27- and 30-inch widths; 27-inch in Minimalist style only
120V or 240 V
From $3,500 to $4,100

Monogram’s 5-in-1 Advantium speed oven functions as an air fryer, microwave, warming/proofing oven, toaster oven, and convection oven all in one, and its upgraded cooking technology requires no preheating. Single- and double-wall oven configurations are available in both the Minimalist collection, which features an edge-to-edge glass front, and the Statement collection, which is bordered by stainless steel. (The collections are similarly priced, so choosing between them is really a matter of aesthetic preference.)

Monogram Electric Convection Single and Double Ovens

Available in 27- and 30-inch widths, in either Minimalist or Statement style
French door oven also available in 30-inch Statement style
From $3,700 to $5,800

Apart from their style and size differences, Monogram’s latest electric convection wall ovens have twin-fan true European convection; the previous generation of ovens doesn’t have the twin fan. They also have more convection baking modes, LED lights (as opposed to halogen), and two heavy-duty self-clean full-extension racks as opposed to just one.

One note: The newer ovens can’t be installed underneath a cooktop.



Monogram Steam Oven

Available only in Statement collection
From $3,900

Introduced in 2023, it’s GE’s first steam oven —you won’t find one in the Profile or Cafe lines. Gwyneth Paltrow has one in her home. Monogram’s version is a little different from other brands’ in that it runs on water from a removable tank (it’s not plumbed) but recirculates the water—helpful, so that you don’t have to refill it as often. It can multitask as a true European convection oven. Another pro: It comes with a six-piece stainless steel cookware set designed especially for steam cooking.


Monogram Electric Hearth Oven

30-inch width
From $8,999*
This unique brick-oven-style appliance is among the first of its kind, and Monogram recently updated it so that it sits fully flush with your cabinetry and has a new brass detail that works nicely with other Statement Collection pieces. It also now has more preset cooking modes and is ideal for pizza, fish, vegetables, and more. And thanks to its unique ventless design, you won’t have to worry about odors escaping into your home or need to have additional ductwork installed.

Monogram Rotisserie

Launching later this year is an indoor rotisserie built on the same ventless technology as the hearth oven. If you love cooking on a spit (or just want something truly unique in your kitchen), it’ll set your space apart.

Monogram Refrigerators

Monogram makes refrigerators for any size kitchen—and any height ceiling. In addition to true built-in refrigerators and columns, it offers freestanding counter-depth refrigerators. And here’s another luxury touch: You can get a glass door refrigerator, similar to ones made by pricier competitors like Sub-Zero and True.

All are available with Statement or Minimalist handles; if you go for a panel-ready model, you can choose either of those or use your own handle.

Full-Size Configurations

Monogram refrigerators feature clean lines; they don’t have the louvered top you see on Sub-Zero refrigerators, for example.

Counter-Depth Selection

  • 36″ French Door w/ bottom freezer drawer, $4,500


Built-in Selection
From $8,400 to $12,500

  • 48″ side by side, with or without dispenser, stainless steel or panel ready
  • 42″ side by side, with or without dispenser, stainless steel or panel ready
  • 36″ French door, stainless steel or panel ready
  • 36″ side by side with dispenser, stainless or panel ready
  • 36″ bottom freezer, left or right hinge, stainless steel or panel ready
  • 30″ fridge with two bottom freezer drawers, glass or stainless steel door


Customers can choose from four different sizes, from a standard 30-inch to a hefty 48-inch option. If you’ve built your kitchen around a cutout refrigerator and are worried it will be difficult to replace, rest easy: the Monogram refrigerator’s specifications match those of SubZero exactly, so you can easily swap in a new Monogram fridge when the time is right.

Your customization options are extensive: Order your Monogram fridge as a side-by-side unit or with the freezer on the bottom. Include a water and ice dispenser or opt out of it altogether. Go with a stainless steel or glass door or cover your fridge with a cabinet panel to match your kitchen decor. And that’s just the outside of the fridge–you can also customize the shelving and compartments within.

Monogram Column Refrigeration

From $6,500 to $9,500
Monogram’s built-in fridges come in lots of configurations, but you might want something totally custom. That’s where columns fit in. Available in 18-, 24-, 30-, and 36-inch sizes, Monogram’s columns allow you to create as much as room as you want. For example, you could place two refrigerator columns next to each other for an expansive 60 inches of fresh storage , combine one with a 30-inch bottom mount freezer refrigerator if you need only a little freezer space, or place a 30-inch fridge, freezer, and wine sommelier side by side. The wine It’s all a matter of your storage needs and the space you’re working with.

Column Refrigeration Selection

  • 36″ fridge or freezer, panel ready
  • 30″ fridge or freezer, panel ready
  • 30″ wine sommelier, panel ready, two zones, up to 106 bottles, convertible fridge/freezer/wine drawer, freezer drawer with ice maker
  • 24″ fridge or freezer, panel ready
  • 18″ freezer, panel ready


Monogram Undercounter Appliances

Monogram’s undercounter selection complements its full-size refrigeration to meet all your entertaining needs. It includes refrigerators, wine coolers, and ice makers. We’ll dive into specifics on each below.

Monogram Undercounter Refrigerators

From $2,100 to $3,100
Monogram offers three 24-inch undercounter refrigeration options: single door, double drawer, or indoor/outdoor. The double drawer style, available in stainless steel or panel ready, offers a convenient place to stash drinks, desserts, or other prepared food when entertaining. And the single-door one (also in stainless steel or panel ready) has a handy slide-back shelf for storing taller items like water bottles or pineapples. The indoor/outdoor version has a stainless steel, weather-proof exterior perfect for outdoor kitchens.

Monogram Undercounter Wine & Beverage Coolers

$2,200 to $2,300
Monogram’s line of undercounter beverage coolers includes a wine reserve with 57-bottle capacity and a beverage center with room for 126 12-ounce cans or 10 bottles of wine. You can choose a stainless steel frame for the glass door or add your own custom panel. These sleek options mean your kitchen will be fully equipped for entertaining.

Monogram Undercounter Ice Maker

From $3,199 to $3,799
Both Monogram 15-inch ice makers are app-enabled, so you can get ice going while you’re still at the grocery store picking up party supplies. The app also provides helpful reminders for routine maintenance, like changing the filter.

Monogram Dishwashers

In general, we’re big fans of dishwashers in any GE product line, and Monogram’s no exception. There’s plenty to love about its feature-packed, highly rated appliances. You’ll enjoy its super-quiet decibel rating and superb cleaning thanks to its having a greater number of water jets than any other brand (90, to be exact). The dishwasher’s jets are located on the side, bottom, and spray arms to ensure the most pristine dishes possible; and special jets for silverware and baby bottles are another handy feature.

The 24-inch standard size is available in stainless steel with a Statement or Minimalist handle or with a panel ready door; a small 18-inch dishwasher is also available with a panel-ready door.



As GE’s premium appliance line, Monogram delivers a professional-style kitchen whether you prefer the more traditional Statement collection or the more modern, seamless Minimalist collection.

Monogram’s also ideal for you if you like a traditional aesthetic but want cooking and cleaning tools that are packed with the latest technology. From the no-preheat air fryer and twin-fan true European convection modes in its ovens to its dishwashers’ unparalleled number of water jets, GE invests in practical technologies that people will get use out of week in and week out.

And did we mention that the whole line’s backed by GE’s proven service network? Go with Monogram, and you’ll love the dependability and style.

Monogram Appliances FAQs

Who makes Monogram appliances?

Monogram is owned by GE, which also makes GE, GE Profile, and Café appliances. GE is now owned by Haier. These four product lines share features and technologies as well as GE’s nationwide service network. Monogram is GE’s premium, pro-style brand, followed by design-savvy Café; the company considers GE Profile to be focused on cutting-edge technology, and GE offer more standard, entry-level products.

Is GE Monogram or Profile better?

GE considers Monogram to be its premium brand. The Monogram line is more fully featured—and, as a result, more expensive. The brands do share much of the same technology and reliability, however. The best brand for you depends on your style and your budget.

Is Monogram appliances a good brand?

We find it to be very reliable because it’s backed by parent company GE’s excellent service network. All of the offerings in its packages—even the dishwashers—perform well in our experience and that of our customers.

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