Monogram Range Review 2023: A Comprehensive Look

The Monogram range boasts an attractive design with mixed metals, a tilted screen, and a spacious oven, but how does it perform?

I’m the founder of Designer Appliances, a premier appliance store in New Jersey. Over the last 15+ years, I’ve tested many ranges in my own home and in our showrooms and heard real-life feedback from thousands of customers in real time.

To assist you in determining if a Monogram range is right for you, I have highlighted its key advantages and disadvantages. I also delve into its exceptional features, including air fry, Wi-Fi connectivity, reverse convection oven, and more, to help you compare it to other pro-style stoves in terms of both performance and price.

Watch my co-founder John’s video review of Monogram ranges.

Pros: Reasons To Buy a Monogram Range

Monogram 48″ Dual Fuel with Grill/Griddle

  • You’re all-in when it comes to upscale design. Monogram ranges have an elevated style. The mixed metal look is a winner for most people. But don’t worry… if that’s not your thing you can swap the “gold” knobs back to stainless steel and choose black burners over brass. You can even select the traditional panel over the touchscreen controls. As for the accent lights, you can pick your color.
  • Excellent cooking performance. The cooktop has a variety of pro burners with 15K to 23K BTU power. They are dual-stacked and multi-ring. This design presents the home-chef with consistency and control. The oven has an extra large capacity. Reverse convection ensures even cooking results without hot spots.
  • You rank practical, popular, real-world functionality on the same level as luxury details. Like air-frying, and guided cooking thanks to Monogram’s meaningful Wifi and App integration. While many pro-ranges lack even a temperature gauge, timer, or clock, Monogram incorporates them all effortlessly. TrueTemp burner supports Hestan Cue on select models and you can link your ventilation hood to the range.
  • You are not a body-builder and want an easy-to-clean stove. Single square grates are easier to lift and maneuver compared to other pro-ranges (welcome news for people who are suffering from arthritis). “Wipe-down” porcelain enamel cooking surface. Steam clean on all models, self-clean on dual fuel ranges.
  • You want a range with an entire kitchen package to match. Monogram is currently offering some really attractive promotions in 2023 where you can receive up to three free eligible Monogram appliances or generous credits towards an appliance of your choice.

Cons: Reasons To Avoid a Monogram Range

Monogram 36″ Dual Fuel with Griddle

  • Some important features are reserved for dual fuel ranges. While self-clean is on all dual fuel ranges, TrueTemp burner with Hestan Cue support is reserved for just a few models.
  • No 8 burner 48-inch range option. Many people prefer to have full 8 burners on their pro-stoves. Monogram offers at most 6 burners with a griddle.
  • You want appliances in a color or a matte finish. Monogram only offers stainless steel, and the brass accents are your only opportunity to add some color.
  • You want something old-world, with big chunky knobs and heritage details. Monogram appliances look a bit sleeker and are packed with modern conveniences like touch screens, accent lighting, and robust WiFi capabilities which you may not need or want.
  • You want induction. Monogram doesn’t currently offer an induction range. But they do offer it as a cooktop.
  • You want something huge. Monogram ranges come in a variety of sizes, but they are missing a 60” in their lineup. A 60” allows you to have two full-size double ovens and maximum cooktop flexibility like 10 burners or 6-8 burners with full grill and griddle.
  • Resale value is your number-one priority.
    Brands like Wolf and Thermador may have more cachet in some potential buyers’ eyes. Since Monogram is made by GE (who also makes Cafe) some people have a hard time equating luxury with that brand.

Series Overview

Series Main Configurations Price
Monogram All-Gas Ranges: All Monogram All-Gas Ranges have a combo of multi-ring and dual-stacked sealed burners and a convection oven. The Monogram 30” All Gas Range comes with 4 burners. The Monogram 36” All Gas Range is available with 6 burners or 4 burners plus a griddle. On the Monogram 48” Gas Range there are 6 burners and a griddle. Starting at $5,600
Monogram Dual Fuel Ranges: All Monogram Dual-Fuel Ranges have a combo of multi-ring and dual-stacked sealed burners and a self-cleaning convection oven. The Monogram 30’ Dual Fuel Range comes with 4 burners. The Monogram 36’ Dual Fuel Range is available with 6 burners or 4 burners plus a griddle. On the Monogram 48” Dual Fuel Range there is a choice of 6 burners and a griddle or 4 burners and a grill and griddle. Starting at $6,800

The Stovetop


Each set of front and back burners is surrounded by a rectangular frame in which 2 porcelain-coated cast-iron grates sit. All of the grates on the stovetop are arranged adjacent to each other, forming a continuous surface that allows you to easily slide pots and pans off and onto the heat or from one burner to another. However, because the grates are not overly large or bulky, they aren’t difficult to lift and fit in the sink for cleaning. Each grate is reversible; one side is flat and is the one you’ll use for most cooking; the other side has an indentation to hold a round-bottomed wok without the need to use a wok support ring to keep it stable.

Ignition and Control Knobs

Monogram ranges have electric ignition with an auto re-ignition feature. That means the burners will relight if the flame goes out.

The diecast metal knobs have brass accents and give precise control from a very low simmer to high heat. When a burner is in use, an accent light shines on the knob. Using the Monogram app, you can change the brightness and the color of the light.

Versatile Burners

All Monogram burners are solid brass for good heat retention and durability. On each range, you’ll find a combination of at least one multi-ring burner and several dual-flame stacked burners. A multi-ring burner offers a wide outer flame and high power, ideal for heating large pots and pans uniformly, boiling water quickly, and searing foods. On the multi-ring burners, there’s a brass cap that can discolor. Monogram also provides black enamel caps. Some people like to use black enamel caps for cooking and replace them with brass ones when they’re having company.

Depending on the model you choose, it will have burners ranging from 15,000 to a whopping 23,000 BTUs of power. All burners can be used on a very low setting for simmering and melting.

The 48” Dual Fuel model ZDP484NGTSS and the 36” Dual Fuel model ZDP364NDTSS have a 21,000 BTU Tru Temp burner. It allows you to set precise temperatures rather than heat settings. In addition, it can communicate with Hestan Cue cookware, which has built-in sensors that sync with a guided recipe program on the Hestan Cue app; it takes the guesswork out of which setting to use and when your food is done.

Monogram Infrared Grill

If you choose the Monogram 48” Dual Fuel Monogram Range with a 14,000 BTU infrared grill on the stovetop, you can enjoy the taste of barbecued food year-round. The grill has a reversible porcelain-coated cast iron grate. One side is grooved and designed to stamp grill marks into foods like steaks and chops and the other is intended for cooking delicate items like seafood and vegetables.


  • Gives food the great flavor of outdoor cooking
  • Imparts attractive grill marks on food


  • Produces smoke and fumes
  • Can be difficult to clean


A griddle is useful for cooking everything from pancakes to grilled cheese sandwiches to hamburgers. Griddle surfaces with 18,000 BTUs of power are available on Monogram 36” and 48” All Gas and Dual Fuel Ranges. The griddle can be used at temperatures from 200ºF to 450ºF. Thanks to its polished stainless steel surface, a Monogram griddle can be thoroughly cleaned. To keep it free of dust, grease, and debris, the griddle comes with a cover to protect it when it’s not being used.


  • Gives a large flat surface for cooking foods like bacon and pancakes
  • Can use it as a warming tray


  • Takes time to preheat
  • Can produce smoke and fumes
  • Requires extra work to clean

The Oven


Monogram All Gas ranges have an oven with a 23,000 BTU bake and 18,000 BTU broil output. On the Dual Fuel range, the oven features 2,700 watts and the broiler 4,000 watts. Those specs give enough power for the oven to heat up quickly and for the broiler to give results that rival the kind you get from outdoor grilling.


Large Oven Cavity

Monogram ovens are among the largest in capacity you can find, ranging from 5.3 to 6.2 cubic feet, depending on the model. The All Gas ranges have larger ovens as they don’t have a self-cleaning feature which requires additional insulation. On Monogram 48” ranges, you’ll find an additional smaller oven to use for everyday cooking like making a sheet pan dinner or heating up a pizza as well as to give you even more oven space at the holidays.

The ovens in Monogram ranges have large windows and are well lighted thanks to multiple halogen bulbs. That makes it easy to check on what you’re cooking without opening the oven door and losing heat. Monogram oven doors close slowly and smoothly, which means they’ll never slam shut and will experience less wear and tear. Every Monogram range comes with a broiler pan, a convection roasting rack, and a probe to cook foods to precise internal temperatures.

Oven Controls

On most Monogram ranges, the oven function and temperature are selected with a knob and the temperature and time are displayed on an LCD screen. The oven light, timer, probe, and special functions are controlled with small buttons below the screen. On the Monogram 48” Dual Fuel model ZDP484NGTSS and the Monogram 48” Dual Fuel model ZDP364NDTSS, there is a 7” full color touch LCD screen for all functions. When you use it, it pops forward so it’s easy to interact with.

Luxury Racking

All Monogram ranges come with three racks in their full-size ovens. In the dual fuel models, all of them are full extension gliding racks that are easy to pull out but can’t accidentally be pulled out all the way. All gas models come with 2 gliding racks and one standard rack. In the small oven on 48-inch models, there are 2 racks.

Convection Oven

In all gas ranges, the convection fan reverses direction to promote even heating which is particularly desirable when you’re baking cookies. The dual fuel range uses true European convection which means there’s an additional heating element around the fan.

Air Fry Setting

This feature, which is unique among pro-style ranges, just might be the feature you find most valuable. It will allow you to make the crispy foods like French fries, chicken nuggets, and even Brussels sprouts that your family clamors for without having a large and unattractive air fryer appliance taking up space on your countertop.


  • Produces crispy food with little or no oil
  • Frees up countertop space by replacing a stand-alone air fryer appliance


Steam Clean

The ovens in all Monogram ranges are equipped with a steam clean feature which is helpful for tackling boilovers and splatters right after they happen or touching up lightly soiled cavities.


  • Cycle is only about 30 minutes long
  • Doesn’t produce fumes or smoke
  • Loosens small stains


  • Can’t remove large burnt-on stains
  • May need a scraper to thoroughly remove residue

Self Cleaning

Monogram dual fuel ranges also have a traditional high heat self-cleaning oven to tackle burnt-on messes. In 48” dual fuel ranges with two ovens, both have steam and high heat cleaning. One of the great things about the racks in dual fuel models is that they can remain in the oven during self cleaning.


  • Cleans a badly soiled oven thoroughly without any scrubbing
  • Racks can remain in oven during self cleaning


  • Produces smoke and fumes
  • Need to keep pets out of the kitchen during the cycle

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Monogram ranges have built-in WiFi. When you download the SmartHQ app on your mobile device and connect it to your appliance, you can control your range remotely or by voice through Alexa and The Google Assistant, connect to a database of recipes, download new settings, and even troubleshoot problems.

All-Gas vs. Dual Fuel

Many people ask us about the differences between gas vs dual fuel ranges. It really depends on you and how you like to cook. For starters, the all gas models are less expensive. You won’t find a major difference when it comes to stovetop cooking so if you rarely bake or roast, you can economize by purchasing an all gas stove. However, dual fuel models really shine when it comes to baking, giving more even results. They’re also equipped with self-clean cycles which make it much easier to clean an oven that’s badly spattered from roasting chickens and has burnt-on gunk from pies and lasagnas that boiled over. I’m a big believer in self-cleaning ovens.

Gas Range Pros:

  • Less expensive
  • Easier and less expensive to install

Gas Range Cons:

  • Doesn’t have a self-cleaning oven
  • Gives less even baking results

Dual Fuel Range Pros:

  • Offers the best in both stovetop and oven performance
  • Has a self-cleaning oven

Dual Fuel Range Cons:

  • More expensive
  • More complicated and expensive to install

The Beauty of Monogram Design

Monogram ranges have an aesthetic that manages to be both professional and elegant at the same time. While they’re not as aggressively commercial in appearance as Wolf ranges, they definitely communicate that they’re intended for serious cooking. Unlike Wolf ranges, they have a kickplate on the bottom which gives them a more finished look.

Monogram ranges only come in stainless steel with brass accents on the knobs and the ends of the oven handle. Over time the brass can develop a patina and require polishing to restore its shine. If you want to minimize the look of brass, you can purchase stainless steel knobs.

Build Quality and Service

According to our customers, our staff, and professional reviewers, Monogram can be depended upon for excellent performance. With Monogram ranges, you get a limited 2-year warranty on the entire appliance and the surface burners as well as a limited lifetime warranty on the racks. Service is provided by GE, Monogram’s parent company, which has a well-established and reliable network or providers.

Monogram vs. GE

Over years of testing kitchen appliances, I have found that all cooking appliances manufactured by GE from the humblest to the most expensive offer superior performance both on the stovetop and in the oven. Burners on GE cooktops cook quickly and evenly while the ovens bake uniformly so you can even make several sheets of cookies at once without rotating them. In addition, it has been my observation that GE values convenience, producing knobs that are easy to turn, control pads that are intuitive to use, and parts that are easy to clean. With all GE ranges, you get a thorough owner’s manual.

However, as you move up in price, from GE to GE Profile to Cafe appliances to Monogram, there is an increase in the features, the sophistication of the design, and the quality of construction of the products. GE ranges look and feel like basic stoves that you would expect to see in a low-priced rental unit. Only the most expensive GE ranges have features like convection ovens, self-cleaning settings, and WiFi connectivity. GE Profile stoves are sleeker in appearance, have higher power burners, and are more likely to have convection and self cleaning ovens. All GE Profile ranges are “smart” which means you can download new settings like Air Fry as they are introduced.

The Cafe line is a great choice if you’re looking for a heavy duty commercial look and all the features of GE Profile ranges at a somewhat affordable price. When you step up to Monogram, you get a range with the highest quality construction, most luxurious styling, and greatest attention to detail that GE has to offer. A Monogram range is a statement piece that will be the focal point of your kitchen.

Elyse reviews Cafe appliances.


When you buy a Monogram range, you get an impressive-looking range without going over your budget. You’re also assured of excellent cooking results and get one of the most convenient-to-use pro-style ranges on the market.

Monogram is known for offering useful features like an air fry setting in the oven, a stovetop that can hold a wok. With easy to remove grates that fit in the sink and oven racks that can remain in place during self cleaning, Monogram ranges are easy to keep clean.

While Monogram products are known for their durability and reliability, if a problem does arise, they’re backed by GE service, one of the most dependable in the business.


What is a multi ring burner? A dual flame stacked burner?
A dual flame stacked burner has two levels. The upper level of the burner produces up to 21,000 BTUs of power for quick boil times or a good sear on a t-bone steak. The lower flame allows for a range of low heat settings for everything from braising meat to melting chocolate.

On the 23,000 BTU multi ring burner there is an outer and an inner ring of flame. When you use the outer ring, you have a wide flame that is ideal for heating large pots and pans. The inner ring is used for low heat.

Are all burners the same on Monogram ranges?
No. Each range has an assortment of burners and the assortment varies on each model. However, on each range there are burners that vary from 15,000 BTUs which is moderately powerful to 21,000 or 23,000 BTUs which is formidable, helping a Monogram range live up to its reputation for pro-style cooking.

Where can I see Monogram ranges?
Visit our showrooms to experience the look and feel of the brand. You’ll meet with our knowledgeable product experts who can help you pick the perfect model for your kitchen.

What’s special about Monogram 48-inch Ranges?
In addition to more surface burners, Monogram 48-inch dual fuel models have two ovens: one that’s a standard 30 inches wide and another that’s 30 inches wide. Both ovens have convection heating and exactly the same features.

Do Monogram Ranges come in colors?
At this time Monogram only makes ranges in stainless steel. All ranges come with knobs with brass accents.

How does a Monogram range stack up against Wolf?
We get this question a lot. Both brands produce high quality ranges that will not only serve as the centerpiece of your kitchen but give you excellent cooking performance. On GE you get conveniences like air frying, easy-to-maneuver grates, and racks that can remain in the oven during self cleaning. Wolf ranges have more industrial-looing styling and are available in a 60” width. They also have a lot of cachet and could help you to see more return on your money if you’re remodeling your kitchen with an eye to selling your home. There are no induction ranges in the Monogram line while Wolf offers both a 30” and a 36” model.

Looking for a 60″ range? We recommend considering the Wolf range or Thermador to take advantage of double ovens and maximum cooktop flexibility.

What are the key differences between Monogram and Thermador?
Thermador is another line with gorgeous styling and an excellent reputation. Its most powerful stovetop burner has fewer BTUs than Monogram’s. Thermador grates are large and heavy and therefore more difficult to clean in the sink but as the burners themselves are raised, it’s easy to clean around them. Like Monogram ranges, Thermador ranges can be connected to an app to download recipes but the oven doesn’t feature an air fry setting.

Thermador’s 36” and 48” dual fuel ranges are available with a combination of gas and induction burners on the stovetop. The 48” and 60” dual fuel models can be purchased with a steam oven and a warming drawer in addition to a full-size convection oven.

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