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As part of Saturday InDesign, Cantilever and Kett Furniture hosted a conversation about design collaboration, and how to navigate toward a successful outcome. We shared the story built from designing our EDIT Kitchen together, and reflected on the broader picture, perhaps what was not visible, whilst in the journey.

The key elements identified centred on the necessary foundation of mutual benefit, the identification of the living purpose of the outcome, and a giving of trust to all involved.

In this instance, the living purpose of EDIT Kitchen in the Cosh Living showroom, was that of a meeting place. A place for people to gather, reflect and enjoy food and conversation. This concept drove the feeling, function and form of the Kitchen. It also informed the creative path undertook that centred the design detail, material palette, and feel of the Kitchen.

Functionally, EDIT exists as two core blocks, one being the Island/Adjunct table, that create their own architecture within the open plan. Both blocks function ‘within the round’ and are held off the ceiling. Each block contains functional niche elements that provide distinct gathering points, that can function cohesively. Featuring VZug appliances, EDIT caters a fine soiree.

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