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The Temp Tracker has a 6-quart capacity, just like our top pick. In contrast to the 12-hour timer on the Set & Forget, the Temp Tracker offers a 24-hour timer, which you can set in 10-minute increments. It also has more preset cooking options: You can choose to cook on a low, medium, high, or warm setting. Additionally, you can use the probe thermometer on any setting except warm to cook meat to a target temperature between 100 °F and 200 °F in 1-degree increments. We’re not convinced everyone will use this expanded temperature range, but Hamilton Beach told us that some people may want the extra flexibility for holding temperatures for sous vide cooking or foods like fondue (we did not sous vide foods in the cooker in our tests, and in general we’ve found that immersion circulators are much more precise for that task). With the Temp Tracker, you can also choose whether the cooker switches to the warm mode or whether it should hold a temperature at the end of cooking.

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