Travel Steamer And Iron For Perfect Attire

Going on a trip often means having to pack your clothes in a tight bag, making them prone to creases and wrinkles. Some hotels and lodgings don’t provide clothes irons in their guest rooms, so it’s best to bring a travel steamer just in case. At Crownline, we offer travel-sized steamers like the TS-145 to easily fit in your luggage.

Unlike bulky clothes irons, our compact steamer is more ergonomic and simplifies removing creases and wrinkles from clothes. Just hang your garments on hangers and run the steam brush on the problem areas. This portable steamer will freshen up your clothing in a few seconds and will even remove fluff and lint with a lint brush attachment.

Portable Perfection: All-in-One Travel Steamer and Iron for Perfect Attire

Do you prefer to use a clothes iron instead of a garment steamer? Check out the Crownline DK-1400 Trio Travel Kit, which comes with a stainless steel kettle and a travel-friendly hair dryer with an iron. The kettle has 600 watts of power to heat water fast and a broad handle for safe and easy handling. Meanwhile, the versatile hair dryer has 1100 watts of power with a built-in iron that lets you press your clothes quickly.


Our travel steamer is not just for relaxing the creases on garments. It’s also perfect for other textiles, such as blankets and curtains. Use the lint brush attachment to remove lint from sofas and beds or brush off dust from any upholstery or textile.

Easy to use

Crownline travel steamers have a detachable 45ml transparent water tank that lets you iron multiple pieces of clothing. The unit emits steam in multiple directions to get the job done sooner. When you’re done, simply fold the handle to trigger the microswitch, which will automatically cut the power supply. The pilot light indicator lets you know if the travel steamer is ready to use.

The appliances in the Crownline travel kit are also easy to use for fuss-free use. The kettle has a wide spout for easy pouring and refilling and a flip-top cover that simplifies cleaning. On the other hand, the hair dryer with a built-in iron folds into a slim size that fits into any bag or luggage.

Are you ready for your next trip?

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